People are the Company's Foundation

As one of the country's leading construction corporations, EEI Corporation employs more than 24,000 personnel, most of whom are engineers and skilled construction workers deployed both here in the Philippines and abroad.

These engineers and workers are looked up to as capable, productive, flexible and reliable because of the excellent exposure and experience they gain from world-class projects that the Company has undertaken through the years. This stems from EEI's commitment to quality, safety and client satisfaction.

With its broad range of civil, infrastructure, building and industrial projects both here and abroad, fresh graduates obtain the best-in-class training and mentorship not only in technical expertise, but also such areas as engineering and design, planning, quality assurance, project management and contracts administration. It provides continuous training and development to new and existing employees in in-house programs and through the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

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Student Programs

EEI Corporation provides students with a formidable training ground as they complete a school requirement of practical experience in a corporate environment. If you are interested in EEI student program, please visit: Internship Opportunities

Overseas Jobs

If you are interested in employment opportunities in other countries with EEI Corporation or one of its joint ventures, please visit: Overseas Employment Opportunities

Domestic Jobs

If you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities in the Philippines with EEI Corporation, please visit: Domestic Employment Opportunities